Delhi Public School, BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal


Principal's message

Warm Greetings to all! I believe that development of character exudes through a breadth of experiences; predictably blissful, sad, academic, sporting, cultural, spiritual and social. This is what living in a community is about and community is part of the education. All qualities are equally desirable, but I don’t think the education system in our countries realized it, until now. Prominent amongst the list is an appreciation of the aesthetic; we zealously believe that children should be surrounded by the beauty of nature, art, literature and music. Describing what makes DPS is not easy, but it is not simply a system in place. These aspects have been vital to our monitoring of our students progress and central to the development of high standards of teaching, but there is more. We, at DPS-BPKIHS, seek to bring out the best in our children .

Here we nurture talents to develop their characters through a concern for others and by encouraging an appreciation of the beautiful, the mysterious and the spiritual. This seems rather unrealistic in the harsh commercial world we live in. But, then I would like to ask you to reflect on what really makes the people’s live happy. Surely, it is the quality of their relationships with others, friends, workmates, family and the zeal they show in their surroundings. And a good education must play a key role in developing these. I assure you all, my beloved parents, that the above highlighted fundamental skills will be blended in your children in their long association with us and that will definitely bring about excellence in their life and the society where they are going to live.
Mr. P.K. Sankaralingam

Greater heights, newer goals, new aspirations have to be attained with more hard work, zeal, perseverance and a renewed enthusiasm for our school’s bright future. Our past has no doubt been a glorious one. Our school is presently showing commendable performance in all respects in the present and our future will surely be a sparkling one. We have a vision to make the students of DPS, Dharan responsible citizens of the nation and world at large. We lay stress on an all round development of a child. It has been our constant endeavour to impart wholesome education to our students by taking them beyond the classrooms and broadening their learning. This has encouraged our students to explore new horizons and embark on a journey of discovery and adventure.

Our aim is not teaching academics alone, we aim at the students’ mental, spiritual and physical growth. The students participate in Inter-class, Inter-House, Inter-school and Inter-National events. Here, they get the platform to deal with situations which later on help them to deal with real life’s complexities. They get geared up for swimming in the ocean of life with more resistance & consistency. While we rejoice in our successes we continue to look into our inadequacies to reform, rebuild, reconstruct and reframe for a better education system.

Sundhya Vashisht
Vice - Principal