Malineesta –School Carnival

The carnival is an annual school event held as a fundraising venture and community development exercise. It encourages people of diverse interest to come together and provides a platform to encourage understanding between different people. Every year we plan for a variety of themes .This year we had the theme ‘Explore Nepal’ –showing Nepal in its microcosm where a variety of people live harmoniously despite different cultural identity.

There were a variety of stall and heritage corner to give people a better glimpse into Nepal. We further had many displays, tantalizing variety of food and a fantastic opportunity to have fun and share excitement with family and friends and to feel proud of our school.

There were different games stall to enjoy and yummy food corners. And in between we had students perform and showcase their talents. The main highlight this year was selection of Mr and Ms Malineesta. The carnival ended with the lucky draw of the school raffle.