(A) Academic Performance:
(a) Scheme of studies- A Candidate is required to study:
Language I: English or Hindi,
Language II ( any language other than language I)
Mathematics, Sciences and Social Science. Additional subject (Optional); Any language other than Language I/II, Commerce , Painting, Music, Home science And Foundation of Information Technology.
(b) Candidates with Disabilities as given in the examination by laws may offer:
English or Hindi and any four out of- mathematics, Science, Social Science other one /two languages(s), Commerce, Painting, Music, Home science and Foundation of Information Technology.
Each academic year has been divided in two terms:
First term( April-September): FAI+FA2+SA1=40%
Second term( October-March): FA3+FA4+SA2=60%
FA-Formative assessment (40%): School based assessment.
SA-Summative assessment (60%): Questions paper supplied by the board and assessment carried out by the School/Board.
(a) To qualify in a subject part-I(A), a candidate must obtain minimum Grade D.
(b) Those candidate who have obtained Grade E1 or E2 in the subject shall have to improve their performance through maximum of five subsequent attempts to qualify in the subject(s).

In respect of candidates offering additional 6th subject, the following norms shall apply:-
A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in the event of an candidate not qualifying in the same provided after replacement the Candidate has English or Hindi as one of the language.
A Candidate must obtain minimum Grade D in all the subjects excluding additional 6th subjects as per Scheme of Studies for admission in higher Class.